Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Cracking Up

Mon. May 21st 2001

Trippy life
no strife
no more waiting
anticipating times better
Making strides
backsliding blocked by the undeniable

Cracks in the foundation of Empire
inspire knowing glances between players in the scene

Greedy feeling needy now that speedy growth is stalling out
Funny hungry money grubbers blankly blinking start to pout

Artificial fiscal spell: on the count of three we will awake

What claim did you stake?

What is more important than the people in your life?
Will you be getting spanked as the banks are drawing blanks?
Give thanks now to the gracious land that has allowed these blocks to stand
in seeming opposition to the woman and the man
that do not separate themselves from each other
with their thoughts or with their plans
Put you hands in each others
pull you heads togeather
do not fear the stormy weather generated by the noisy clatter of metallic teeth.


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