Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Now... A Word from Our Sponsor

First tues. in June 2001 - Big City Diner

So close...
so close...
so close...

I'm there
Always been there
been here
Damn the fear that keeps me out
the doubt that the con won't be balanced by the pro
no stop without a go
no go without a stop

What are we going to do?
me and you?
Are we going to fight about what is "right"
dwell on some slight that no one really remembers?
as the world we love is reduced to embers?

What does it matter who started it?
we all have our part in it
the head and the heart of it
our dance is the art of it

We have the option of tuning into the televised reality
of opening the floodgate of the mainstream
and allowing its programming
to rush into our passive minds

"and now a word from our sponsor"

we can actively cut a door
through the media prescribed consumerist facade
and show a way out

All the cool people are doing it

I think it is fully possible
for people without ties titles or strongly held convictions
to have perceptions of great value to you and I

In these marvelous and mysterious times
in which humanity finds itself
there seems to be an uncharacteristic reticence
when it comes to publicly voicing outrage
in the face of blatant and brutal transgressions against nature

More money
more "wealth"
more pacifyers in the mouth

Once we've seen it
it's up to us to be it
get it out
express it people
move it


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