Monday, August 09, 2004

Bloody Words

Let me catch my breath
A few deep breaths

This kind of funk used to stress me out
depress me out of the game
old same old same old
same cold relations
with the bodies of our body
this body of our race

A few deep breaths
fill up the chest with boyancy

Bloody words:
I'm not getting the rush off of them that I used to

A solid writing session
A tight poem
a literary image-

They used to keep me high for weeks
The danger of the deep?
Maybe the nature of the deep

Keep breathing
Life after the rush

What compells me
to leave the kick behind?

How to outshine the tricks of mind

Got to read the signs
instead of driving blinded
by my own agendas

What do I see around me?
beyond the deeply carved and graffitied grooves of thought?


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