Monday, August 09, 2004

Mosquito Bites

A Wednesday in July, 2001

not tired
Drinking coffee anyway

Long day
coasting down
engine off
rolling down the way
the path of least resistance

that's me
I am the mesenger and the message
being who I am

I don't try to be a good person
don't believe in good or evil

I am who I am
a factor in the whole plan

every moment a unique experience

I've never been here before
not quite

this place
another day
same day
another time
same time
different socks

If I were to connect the dots
left by the mosquitos
the design will be different
Diffferent than yesterday
Different from tomorrow.

Each bite disturbed my thoughts
for a moment
each bite caused an action
or reaction
Every day the mosquitos play the sadist
risking massacre
or inspiring sadism in return.


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