Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Walking into a situation to write myself out.

If I display agitated behaviours and tones when I think or talk about someone, then I am allowing my mind to become troubled by an objectified symbol of my own neglected pathos. To suffer the dark or negative self image of myself, which I see reflected in the tones and behaviours of those around me, is akin to victomizing myself at the hands of unwilling victimizers. Stilling the mind might be a more economical use of time.

I am coming to see time as the most precious resource at my disposal. When I work with time, when I spend it on efforts I value and embue with deep meaning: that is when I fell alive, when I feel I am fulfilling my potential.

With all this Apocolypse in the air, people continue to struggle for security, attempting to gird themselves against some point in time that has yet to happen: these people invest their precious time in preparations for suffering, rather than creating an alternative to suffering. How can one make peace while preparing for war? We are what we eat. What do we feed our minds on? A durge or a song? Not that there is a right and wrong,; that has been going on for too long.


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