Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Players

The Players come to the table
the people want to play
a game of games
Minds combined into...
...who can tell?
Minds reflecting on each other
a revelatory process
a method for calibrating
the capacity for revelation
How much can you take?
How deep can one fathomn into beauty?
How much profanity can one endure gracefully?
Coming to terms
determined to actualize the self conception
to see if it holds water
one finds out if their
is too big
their vision too narrow
this Game
a gage for one's willingness
to understand their reason for being
The Movie
The Quest
The thirst for more bigger better
the trip of the western mind through the lie of matter
Mad thirst for experience
Young gods stomping around the globe
in search of their world
Gathering their people into theoretic realities
hoping they will stand the test of time
herding the absent mind into the unmarked grave:
and what do you have to say about it?
How high can you lift your eyes?
When the shit his the fan are you going to be surprised?
Will you empathize with the fools
caught up in the rules dictated by the myopic schools
designed to turn giants into dwarves?
Are you keeping score?
or are you just another prisoner
of the war waged on the human spirit?
Are you too drunk to hear it?
The world is but a stage
and the Wizards work to clear it for a showdown due at dawn
A greater Sun illuminates the horizon of imagination
a greater one shatter breaks the reactive limitation
slicing through the insulation of the timid mind
The "New and Improved" information strikes the seeking mind
as a memory
frome before the time.


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