Wednesday, August 18, 2004

On Slow Day

Why go on this way or that
What meaning in that way of being
or this thing of concern
which will burn up the hours of the day
searing the senses
the cause of decay

Looking at the plumbers crack
in front of the face
missing the grand canyon beyond

Today my eyes opened to see
gold and green bamboo
radiant in the first rays of the morning

My ears heard the stream running
and the birds song
and the tall bamboo
rubbing along each other in the wind

My hands felt my body
feeling my hands
feeling it
and my mind was calm for no reason
from no reason

A short walk
let the dog off the chain
pick a purple lilikoi from the vine
a papaya is found and eaten

writing in the tent with little thought

Call to Carrye
long talk makes time seem short

Burrito bought with pilfered change
hot coffee bought with same
burrito is cut in thirds
to serve as three squares for the day

Roll some scrappy shake
make a fat smoke

Read from a bible
I found in a parking lot
the owner has yet to pick it up
I make use of the resource while I have it

rest in the evening
under net in the tent
Kolohe dog outside the door

Awake with a start
call Caroline in Cali
stalker tormentor at her door
afraid to call the police

Police she will call
she hangs up the phone
I take the advise of the book


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Anything more recent? Who are you now?

February 2, 2007 at 4:29 AM  

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