Friday, August 13, 2004

Where am I?

Thursday, Dec 13th, 2001 - Ahuimanu, Kahalu'u, O'ahu, Hawai'i

Where am I? What happened? Who am I?
Mad scratching
Kolohe in the doghouse

Looking up
the twelve spoked web on the top of the tent
17 feet wide

Recurring tides of rip ripping gusts
sound the weathered tarp above
the trees sound the alarm
the tarp and tent respond

Buzz and chirping bugs score the night
Mauka air chills feet
dirty rug better than naked wood

tent shakes
loose stakes
the bugs fade behind
a solo of the wind

feels like I'm under water
rain guard mimics rushing river
rolling surf
pounding waves

I like the bugs better

Rain now

Lighting a candle
want to see some fire
spastic flame
flickering in time
with the rustling above

Smoking a rollie
sending off a prayer
with the smoke:

The microcosm of my being
in harmonious relation
with else

Tent walls shaking
web undulating

Bong waiting

Hydrating myself with a squirt bottle
no reason other than
water jug sitting in the wind
out there

Nose cold

Brushing off mud
that came from my shoes
walking Kolohe in the rain

Left eye sports a tear
evoked by the pulling of a hair
from my nose

Some wooden thing sounds
knocked over by the wind avalanch

Bong waiting

Three feet of smoke

Eating frito's
and hydrating myself
with a squirt bottle

Chewing sounds rude
the bugs have resumed
chanting out a country night
dogs barking

City hum breezes in
as the wind dies down
comes in like waves
with each passing commuter car
returing from bars
at this hour

Where am I?
here I am

What happened?
Nobody can say

Who am I?
I am...

it's simple

Pay attention
Listen with suspension of belief

Cockroach on arm of chair
at first I thought
it was giving birth
looked like one
had crawled in to the butt
of another
but it was one
with eight legs
mutant cockroach


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