Monday, August 09, 2004

The Sun Does Not Set

Thursday night, Kahalu'u - October 10:ish

Quite burnable
Smell the smoke

Sit and watch the bodies spinning
grinning with bliss and malice
they collide with one and other
rolling over the confused and used up
spinning out
turning in
spinning from beginning
turning into something
dancing with nothing
and all its forms

Dizzy blue green Turtle Island
caught in the spell of the Sun
Man on the Moon amused to watch
the trancing turtle
a fertile dichotomy
day light
night long
caught in the trap of right and wrong

the beat of the song
of the people on the turtle
frightened of the dark
worshiping the day
the shadow side is evil

A killer scam
the man that planned
the fleecing of the people
on this sphere
keep the fear of the night
in spite of our awareness
that it is but the shadow side
of ourselves

The Sun doesen't set
it is we who do the turning
we are in no danger of the darkness
swallowing us up

The rays of the Sun
sweet and warm
or fierce and hot
pale in the vastness of space
The Sun is but a form of light
a flimsy guise
that not all eyes see through


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