Monday, August 16, 2004

FD&C Yellow No. 5

Creating an atmosphere of expectation
to over ride the lamentations of whole nations hooked on dope

Hope for something real but made to feel it as indulgence?

I sit with pen again to break it down for you
to show the many what too few know

It's time to go

The body of humanity has fallen to its knees
face planted in FD&C Yellow #5
commercial food slime turnes our viens into gutters

We hide behind our shutters turning our backs on each other
embracing the dictated of a box :

We undress in shame
taking blame for not looking like the arbitrary shape of the day

There are opportunities off the beaten track
outside the prescribed
there is substance here

It takes a lot to claim a spot in the middle of the ocean
make a splash here and waves ripple everywhere

Pushed from behind
shoved from above
led by the madness of consensus
movement arrested by conned senses
minds media shocked into oblovion

a doorway
for what we don't want
to enter into our lives

We can close the door on fear
and trust life

Fear the situation?
Fear is the situation that needs to be addressed.


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