Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Hearing Voices

A compilation of humans
striving for eloquence
in the face of brutality

Who can summarize the human endeavor?
Who dares to define our potential?

Going beyond format and demographic
ecclectic paradigm

Not assuming to know
right and wrong
a desire to show the world our song

The body of humanity
bound up in lines of thought
that tie us to a history
steeped in the myth of separation

The voice of humanity
cannot sound clearly
through astringent formats
of local dogma

A world beyond the template of our past

We are creative beings
it's time we started acting like it

Big City Diner

Big City showing
Roots Juice is flowing
Earthy flavor with a cosmic aftertaste

Talking with Khedija
Being informed by Ted
The sense of mission grows overt

End of the night
Ted takes the mic
and opens the door
plugged into the floor
he shows us more that what we know
something happens
laying of the hands
blessing of the fans

I can't attest to what was felt
or know what was understood
I can say
I saw a room moved by a person

Sex Like Cigarettes

Sex like cigarettes
Something to do inbetween

From inbetween
comes everything
All the time
Cancer grows in the needless habit
Habitual ritual spawns virtual world

Day defined by clockwork puffs
Suck and blow
Smoke and poke
and ash and ass
and cigarettes like sex

Enjoy this one
there may not be a next one
I'm quitting soon
I'm splitting soon...

...maybe one more
One more time

Monday, September 06, 2004

The Big Picture

Trusting that my evils
are a part of Nature
Willing to do the time
should my crimes cross the lines

Compassion for the vanquished
be they insects or demons
respecting the lives of those I don't like

Having no fear of being harmed
fearing not that I will hurt another
trusting in the resiliency of the human spirit
and ours

I imagine that we stopped trying
to figure out a way to win the struggle
and just stopped struggling

imagine that we are no longer in opposition
to each other

imagine that we are able to coordinate
our perspectives
enough to pull the Big Picture
into focus

revealing the reality
of our interconnectedness

Myth of Separation

I want to bring it home tonight
to lay it out right
to say the thing
ringa ding ding
The Truth of the Matter
The open Flame
that ignites these not so subtle fumes

I want to swing the wreckingball
of unification
To call out this myth of separation
to show it for what it is
A construct
made from mental blocks
fired in the heat of
belief and conviction
filling up the space of time