Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And The Winner Is...

A long time ago
there was a place with no name
a broad plaine sloping from the mountain to the sea
Strange creatures roamed there
huge beasts with long hair
a vegitarian skyline in motion
Not far from the ocean was a pit of tar
a large oriface
oozing the remains of a long past age
When rain occasioned
water covered the black
creating the illusion of a deep still pool
Fooled by this illusion
an unwary wooly ventured in
for a drink and a bath
and found itself fast affixed
to this trick of nature
Panicked motions caused a comotion
called out others living in this place
this place with no name
These other creatures came with tooth and claw
ready to stuff their maw with an easy meal
Out of the mountains and caves
the predators came
Spying each other
they raced to the place
where the wailing beast thrashed in the mire
A terrible silouette
framed by red sunset
sabre teeth glinting between competing beasts
fighting for a piece of the action
A few made it to the top
of this half consumed island of fur
using the tools that nature provided
the excited victors get theirs
only to stare at each other in the realization
that this meal would be their last
and the thrashing commenced anew
as the stars shone through the dying light of the day
and the pit took them in
hardly desturbed by the drama

To this day the pit remains
framed by a manicured lawn
overshadowed by a museum
erected to illustrate this story
Surrounding this is a cement moat
teeming with steel boxes
operated by hungry humans
watching and waiting for the easy meal
In between the cement arteries
are mammoth structures of glass and steel
that house vegitarian humans
drawn in by the illusion