Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Apocolypse: Prophecy? or Theory?
Prophetic theory endorsed by collective guilt?
Self filfilling prophetic theory?
I can run a maze for treats for only so long
before my spirit withers
or ignites
Into passionate bursts of determination
to orent myself as a quantum factor
an awakened being
an updated model of human
being human
That's the gig for me, see
The old paradigm as become to rigid to squeeze much of it
into a future
The time has come to deviate from the historical trajectory
too tight to breathe deep
coiled tight
poised to fly
a mind yearns to break free of it's history
its self conception
. . . o o o () () () O O O () () () o o o . . .
Alice stepped through the Looking Glass
Aladin pulled a Genie from the Lantern
The Lion and the Witch in the Wardrobe
A ripped Van Winkle emerging from the cave of the Little People
Mascalito comes to you through the plant
A ranting man on the street
quentessential speach
reach into the deep
from sleep
. . . : : : [ [ [ 0 ] ] ] : : : . . .
Question the Regestered
the Trade Marked
the Copywritten realities
Spend your time tripping on the corporate rhyme
and climb into bed with the dead
the streilized heads
the federalis of ignorance
The ruling class of the Realm of Thud
have little affinity for divinity
Where does your affinity lie?
What does your eye spy?
Do you see what you wish to see?
What you want to be?
Reality ain't what it used to be
not for you and me navigating this sea of hypocracy
the fever pitch of a century.
Seeking the eye of the storm
the I of my form
a mother warm and a father borne free of dichotomy
within me the two become one
I am their son
as I conceive myself to be
set free of the feudal two
the sticky glue of past incarnations
incarceration in the name of the struggle to be
Can you feel me?
Can you sense the Humanity climbing from the profanity of history:
the myopic lies of the blinded spys that pass up the wise
Living in romantic lore
waiting for armageddon to even the score
to make more less
and to give less more
are we not,
less or more
the archetects of what's in store?
Memory is a Whore
that sells itself to the highest emotion


Walking into a situation to write myself out.

If I display agitated behaviours and tones when I think or talk about someone, then I am allowing my mind to become troubled by an objectified symbol of my own neglected pathos. To suffer the dark or negative self image of myself, which I see reflected in the tones and behaviours of those around me, is akin to victomizing myself at the hands of unwilling victimizers. Stilling the mind might be a more economical use of time.

I am coming to see time as the most precious resource at my disposal. When I work with time, when I spend it on efforts I value and embue with deep meaning: that is when I fell alive, when I feel I am fulfilling my potential.

With all this Apocolypse in the air, people continue to struggle for security, attempting to gird themselves against some point in time that has yet to happen: these people invest their precious time in preparations for suffering, rather than creating an alternative to suffering. How can one make peace while preparing for war? We are what we eat. What do we feed our minds on? A durge or a song? Not that there is a right and wrong,; that has been going on for too long.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Players

The Players come to the table
the people want to play
a game of games
Minds combined into...
...who can tell?
Minds reflecting on each other
a revelatory process
a method for calibrating
the capacity for revelation
How much can you take?
How deep can one fathomn into beauty?
How much profanity can one endure gracefully?
Coming to terms
determined to actualize the self conception
to see if it holds water
one finds out if their
is too big
their vision too narrow
this Game
a gage for one's willingness
to understand their reason for being
The Movie
The Quest
The thirst for more bigger better
the trip of the western mind through the lie of matter
Mad thirst for experience
Young gods stomping around the globe
in search of their world
Gathering their people into theoretic realities
hoping they will stand the test of time
herding the absent mind into the unmarked grave:
and what do you have to say about it?
How high can you lift your eyes?
When the shit his the fan are you going to be surprised?
Will you empathize with the fools
caught up in the rules dictated by the myopic schools
designed to turn giants into dwarves?
Are you keeping score?
or are you just another prisoner
of the war waged on the human spirit?
Are you too drunk to hear it?
The world is but a stage
and the Wizards work to clear it for a showdown due at dawn
A greater Sun illuminates the horizon of imagination
a greater one shatter breaks the reactive limitation
slicing through the insulation of the timid mind
The "New and Improved" information strikes the seeking mind
as a memory
frome before the time.