Wednesday, December 22, 2004

And Then...

The Fire started, leaping from unit to unit, burning off all the dead growth,
destroying countless, purifying few.
But enough.
As it is a Natural process, a part of the Scheme of Things.
Alarms ring.
Ears activate in ways never experienced before.
Doors reinforced against just such an event remain locked,
ironic as the walls around them crumble
Symbolic now.
As structures fell, frontiers opened oceans of possibility,
striking fear in the hearts of the unaware.

The Function

Part I

Humanity, slowly, rose up on two feet... then, almost immediately, began using those two free limbs to start kracking each other over the head. We continued on in this manner til...


Now what? We've found plenty of other things to do with these two free hands: hugging, artwork, music, yoga...
But still we whack each other with techno sticks and sharp wits, nuero linguistic billyclubs...

At least we're keeping in touch.

All this competitive whacking started before we fully realized that we're all on the same boat.

(for those that were not aware: We're all on the same boat.)

The Body of Humanity
One Body
In Life

Now, within the body we have the brains, the hands, the heart, the nervy people...

Then, we have the anus.

Now, the anus has a function, true, but somehow after we rose up on two we fell back down, but not on our ass... on our crown- face first, drunk on our collective possibility... we fell to our knees, leaving the ass as the highest point on the body.

So, the ass didn't rise to the top through their own efforts as much as the ashole took its position through default.

The heads are underground, no feet to support, no arms to ballance

Pull the heart above the ass with a crown.

Reacting to the dictates of the base? Taking time to be the solution, one spends less time waiting for it to come from somewhere else.

One can step above the frey, above the asshole and its function, beyond the priesthoods of religions that divide, over the media enchantment, through the differences, and out of the excrement spouted by an elevated ass. Here one may find a beautiful blue green ball hanging in the stars, rousing itself from history.

Part II

Overlooking the timeless in favor of the temporary?

Creating an atmosphere of expectations to over ride the lamentations of whole nations hooked on dope.

Hope for something real but made to feel it as indulgence?

Wake up!

I sit sit with pen and work again to break it down for you, to show the many what two few know:

It's time to go

The body of humanity has fallen to it's knees, face planted in FD&C Yellow #5.... Commercial food slime turning our veins into gutters as we hide behind the shutters, turning our backs on each other to embrace the dictates of a box


We undress in shame taking blame for not looking like the arbitrary shape of the day


Sodomizers of the human endeavor!

I'm talking to you- who uphold the structure of control by buying it from them when we can be it for ourselves, as well as the hometeam.

The dream of corporate culture is a mental vulture living off the vital energy of our family, our friends, our enemys, and everything underneath and in between.

Do I sound iritated?

Yes, I'm irritated. Does being vexed help? Articulating it does. Would like to get over it, deal with it:

Reconciliation. Accomodating agitation. Accepting profanity. Integrating Divinity's opposite. Composit. Compost it. Put it in its place and watch it break down. Then spread it around on the new starts and the old parts serving their function.

We are, at this moment, togeather more than apart, a whole dreaming in pieces: chaotic mosaic of compelling emotions coming into its own.

Lines as designs instead of boundarys, seen as a veil, a myth of separation

There are opportunities off the beaten trackoutside the prescribed

there is substance here

It takes a lot to claim a spot in the middle of the ocean

make a splash here and waves ripple everywhere

Pushed from behind

shoved from above

led by the madness of consensus

movement arrested by conned senses

minds media shocked into oblovion

FEAR:a doorway

for what we don't want

to enter into our lives

We can close the door on fearand trust life

Fear the situation?

Fear is the situation that needs to be addressed

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